ACC-RAC Conference

ACC-RAC 2020 has been cancelled in response to the Coronavirus outbreak.

During this outbreak the health and safety of all has been a priority. ACC has been closely monitoring the developments and the guidance of NIH and the Center for Disease Control (CDC) among others. Nationwide the ongoing and growing threat posed by the virus has overtaken our event. The decision was made to cancel the event after travel bans by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, international travelers, our institutions and others resulted in an impossible situation. Other conferences including the American Council on Education cancelled their San Diego conference as well.

Attendees are reminded that they will need to cancel their own travel and hotel reservations. We will be in touch with registrants regarding follow up information.

Our appreciation goes to our team that has been monitoring this difficult situation and also to our sponsors, exhibitors, presenters and participants.

ACC-RAC 2020

27th Association of Chiropractic Colleges
Research Agenda Conference

Developing Leaders: Faculty, Education and Research

San Diego, California March 19-21, 2020

San Diego

ACC RAC 2020 Plenary Sessions Keynote Speakers

Plenary Sessions: Friday, March 20 (Grande Ballroom)

Mimi Guarneri
The Science of Integrative Health & Medicine
8-9 a.m.

Transforming Healthcare: Mindsets & the Social Context
9-10 a.m.
Alia Crum

Mimi Guarneri, M.D., FACC, ABOIM
President, Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine
Ranked as #6 of the top 100 Integrative Physicians by Newsmax
Alia Crum, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Psychology, Stanford University
Principal Investigator of the Stanford Mind & Body Lab

In the first presentation during this plenary session, Dr. Guarneri will review of the limitations of conventional medicine and explore way a broader perspective is needed. Creating health is an economic strategy that requires a team of multi-disciplinary practitioners dedicated to treating the whole person. … In the second presentation, Dr. Crum presents the science behind a new paradigm that helps move us beyond the limited notion of placebo effects as a mysterious response to an inert treatment toward the recognition that ultimately, our mindsets are responsible for their healing effects.

Plenary Session: Saturday, March 21 (Grande Ballroom)

Gert Bronfort
Chiropractic for Health and Wellbeing:
New Research to Combat the Pain Management Crisis

8-9:30 a.m.
Roni Evans

Gert Bronfort , D.C., Ph.
Professor, Center for Spirituality & Healing's Integrative Health
& Wellbeing Research Program at the University of Minnesota
Roni Evans, D.C, M.S., Ph.D.
Director, Center for Spirituality & Healing’s Integrative Health
& Wellbeing Research Program at the University of Minnesota

The US is in the midst of an unprecedented pain management crisis, with chronic pain impacting more Americans than heart disease, diabetes, and cancer combined. Chiropractors are among the most common providers of non-drug treatments, and are ideally suited to be prominent front-line providers for musculoskeletal pain conditions. This presentation highlights research focused on alleviating the current pain management crisis. This includes studies of chiropractic’s role in preventing acute musculoskeletal pain from becoming chronic, as well as how chiropractic can help pain sufferers engage in positive health behaviors to enhance their overall wellbeing.

Plenary Session: Saturday, March 21 (Grande Ballroom)

Sherry Mcallister
20/20 Vision in 2020
1:30-2:30 p.m.
Lou Sportelli

Sherry McAllister, D.C., M.S.Ed ., CCSP®
Executive Vice President, Foundation for Chiropractic Progress (F4CP)
Private Practice, San Jose, Calif.
Lou Sportelli, DC
President, NCMIC Foundation
Past President, NCMIC Group, Inc.

This plenary session commemorates chiropractic’s 125th birthday in 2020. Past obstacles faced to bring chiropractic where it is today and where it needs to go in the future are addressed. Presenters showcase how chiropractors can effectively use marketing collateral to distribute at the community level, while showcasing national marketing campaigns set to achieve greatest opportunity for celebration of 125 years of chiropractic success.

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